Our high-quality products are designed to last a long time. We offer a 10-year warranty on most of our products, but we understand that they wear after years of regular usage. Our continual design efforts have focused on replaceable components, enabling us to switch out worn parts. For instance, should the seat of our musician chairs wear out while the remainder is still in optimal condition, we have the ability to replace it. Moreover, we maintain a stock of spare parts for your product's replaceable elements, providing assurance should anything require replacement. Your satisfaction is key, and we believe in offering solutions without necessitating a new purchase, as long as the product aligns with your expectations.

How We Do It:

We're available to support and evaluate your products if you're considering extending the lifespan of your existing item. If repairs are needed, we provide on-site assistance at your location. Alternatively, you can send your product/products to us for a price estimate. Once restored, your products can continue serving you for many more years - a sustainable choice, plain and simple.

Past Repairs

We've previously conducted restoration of chairs and music stands for customers in Copenhagen, Oslo, Örebro, Stockholm, and other locations. Typically, for chairs, our process involves seat and back replacements, inspection of the paintwork, and necessary maintenance such as worn-out feet/pads or adjusting screws. On occasion, we also replace music stand boards or fixtures. Often, these products have been in active use for 15-25 years, and by extending their lifespan, it becomes a wise investment both economically and environmentally!