Every customer is unique to us. This means we understand that you may need unique adaptations for your BISON product. We manufacture many of our products in-house, which means we have control over the entire manufacturing process. Do you need altered dimensions for your stage or do you require a particular chair leg length? Perhaps you'd like different fabric colors? We work hand in hand with you to create your customized music furniture that align precisely with your specific requirements.

How We Do It:

For certain customizations, we might need to visit your location to understand the exact requirements, and together, we'll create a tailored proposal. Numerous churches in Sweden as well as internationally, require specially tailored stages or choral raisers due to their structures not being optimized for contemporary use - a problem we consistently solve for our customers.


As an example, we've designed custom music stand trolleys, music stand shelves, and chair trolleys for the Stockholm Concert Hall due to their very limited storage space. In that case the focus was to improve the working environment by maximizing every centimeter.

At the Norwegian Opera, we constructed custom music stand trolleys for a specific purpose. 
Within numerous churches, we've tailored choral risers and stages to accommodate altar stairs or other immovable elements, occasionally within historically significant structures.

Noteworthy examples include the Högalid Church in Stockholm and Västerås Cathedral where we created an extensive choral risers tailored for the altar stairs.

Furthermore, we've adjusted the seat padding thickness for select chair models based on specific customer preferences. Together, we've experimented with various thicknesses and densities to ensure the most optimal product experience for our customers.